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Educational travelling theatre company. Live musical shows at schools and theatres. Audiovisual educational productions. Drama Teacher training program.

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Our History

On the Road Theatre Company was created in 2001 with the aim of taking educational shows over to schools to provide both students and teachers with a powerful tool for language acquisition in the comfort of their premises. Since then, thousands of students have watched and enjoyed our shows which serve as triggers to work on the activity packs we provide. Twenty years later, On the Road developed audiovisual productions of  some of their shows which can be used as extra material after watching the live performance. They can also be watched independently. They stand as an excellent audiovisual tool to work on the topics each title deals with. 

In 2019 On the Road created our Drama Teacher Training School and since then teachers from all over the world have been taking professional training regarding theatre, applied drama and script writing and how to apply it to their schools’ activities. 

Our In House option allows your staff to be trained by our professionals and help you out with your School Concert, Open classes, Book Fair presentations and any live event at school.

Visit our Past Productions for a visual tour of our history.

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Valeria Brudny

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