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Welcome to our 23rd Season. Our live shows foster a transdisciplinary approach in language acquisition and have been crafted to boost different competencies, skills or goals such as SEL, DEI, SDGs, AI + Culturally Responsive Teaching and Intersectionality.

AMB flyer story

Amelia's Magic Box

When Princess Amelia’s parents leave her under the care of Mortimer, the butler, they also leave a set of instructions she should follow. One includes not visiting the basement. And of course this is the first place she breaks into! There she finds the magic box with a tiara inside. The second she wears the tiara, Amelia is transported into the magical land of Fairy Tales where everyone mistakes her for Alice, Jasmine… even Cinderella! Meeting the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, Aladdin or Jafar is nothing compared to meeting Prince Charming. Amelia, wanting to be liked by the Prince, lies and pretends to be the real Cinderella. This breaks the spell… proving that dishonesty is never the way. Will she be able to fix it?   

BTC flyer story

Be the Change

Four different biotechnologists get chosen to take part in a competition to enter an internship program at the most prestigious laboratory in their town. They belong to an activist world organisation which brings solutions to poignant problems affecting biodiversity and climate change. A number of extreme situations pile up together with a deadline which is impossible to achieve, leaving them no choice but to ask for help. The students in the audience will engage in the tasks set for this competition, getting involved in real actions to develop sustainable goals. But as they progress, these scientists start getting anonymous riddles which the audience must solve to help them take an even bigger step towards helping the planet. 

“BE THE CHANGE” aims at involving the audience and the school in a challenge: to actively do something for the planet, to get familiar with SDGs and become involved.

TMM flyer story

The Multiverse Maze

A group of students are invited to take part in the trial version of an Escape Room. Little do they know that by entering the game, they are accessing a place where they are different versions of themselves: the Multiverse. This experience allows them to approach their issues and everyday challenges in a more creative way, finding possibilities to their usual obstacles. Trouble is, the Escape Room is a Maze where everything feels real and if they do not solve the clues in time, the Maze will close and they will not be able to get back to their own Universe. As they solve clues, they bond with each other. They will not come out the same people who entered the maze… they will come out different. After all, aren’t we all? 

These students battle ADHD, Dyslexia, OCD behaviour, Anxiety and more. 

The aim is to provide an integral new point of view on such disorders and help kids look at this reality in a new light, focusing on everything that can be done by accepting we all carry our load.

IFV flyer story

In Fair Verona

“Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, 
Too rude, too boisterous, and it pricks like thorn.” 

Tangled up in a whirlwind of emotions such as adolescence brings, Romeo meets Juliet and both thus meet their end. This forfeit encounter takes place in Verona 2024 on our stage.  Our aim is to sprinkle fresh Shakespeare over today’s students. By modernising the setting and simplifying the speech down to a 60 minutes long version with songs and current outfits, we provide a story that could happen to any teen. An empathic story, easy to understand. As a consequence, Shakespeare is better appreciated and enjoyed.