Welcome to our 22nd Season. Our shows foster a transdisciplinary approach in language acquisition and have been crafted to boost different competencies, skills or goals such as SEL, DEI, SDGs, Digital Citizenship and Bullying Awareness.



POLLY  fosters students’ participation on stage, thus engaging them in a story where collaborative efforts help someone overcome limitations. 

Polly is a sunflower who won’t grow. She feels she can’t accomplish much because of her limitations. Mary, Mr. Paul, Fran and Bruno try different things out to help her grow. But it is only when she meets Daisy, and shares time with a peer, that Polly overcomes her limitations. As she grows, she proves that the power of communication, cooperation and teamwork is much stronger than any shortcomings we may have


Four different scientists get chosen to take part in a competition to enter an internship program at the most prestigious laboratory in their town. They belong to an activist world organisation which brings solutions to poignant problems affecting biodiversity and climate change. A number of extreme situations pile up together with a deadline which is impossible to achieve, leaving them no choice but to ask for help. The children in the audience will engage in the tasks set for this competition, getting involved in real actions to develop sustainable goals. But as they progress, these biotechnicians start getting anonymous riddles which the audience must solve to help them take an even bigger step towards helping the planet. 

“BE THE CHANGE” aims at involving the audience and the school in a challenge: to actually do something for the planet, document it and share it with us.



Interactive Quest! A show about Digital Citizenship highlighting privacy issues in technology today. A glitch in a brand new app keeps uploading videos of situations Max has not been through in real life. But these events online actually do have a consequence in Max’s real life. How much has he shared? Is this defect uploading these videos or is there someone with enough information behind all this? By maxing the app out, Max, Trinity and George get trapped inside the computer and are able to go back and forth in time, trying to solve this mystery. Can you help? Join the Quest!


Lois, Peter and Bruce attend the same school. The boys are classmates and friends. But something triggers a change in their relationship and Peter is persistently bullied by Bruce. Unable to face his bully, Peter finds solace imagining he gets out of these situations by becoming a different superhero each time and then retelling each epic event in front of a camera under his pseudonym, SuperMe. His online account is his diary and a way to let off steam… but not quite truthful. At the same time, Lois is going through the same and channels it by writing about it. But what is Bruce going through? “SUPERME” aims at shedding light on all parties involved in Bullying and arise awareness about the accuracy of Social Media.