Introducing GO PROJECT, our latest development!

GO PROJECT is the ultimate plan generator. It creates a 4 week-long PROJECT-BASED planning for your classroom, virtual or face-to-face.


How does it work?
You select the theme, the skills and/or the grammatical ítems and GO PROJECT designs all the necessary steps in order to learn through a PROJECT. These themes are related to the themes in our shows – which are now AUDIOVISUAL SHOWS.

Can I choose the outcome of the Project?
Yes! GO PROJECT will suggest possible projects to carry out based on your theme selection.

How can I Access GO PROJECT?
Easy! Our audiovisual shows are categorized according to age groups & themes
(Friendship, Family, Bullying, Technology, Social network security, etc)
By choosing the topic you are interested in, you can purchase tickets to watch the show and get your 4 week Project-Based Plan.

Where can we watch the audiovisual shows?
Online. Anywhere in the world, on any device. It’s the asynchronous part of your plan. They serve as reference material for your students to work on the topic of your choice.

Is this for ESL students only?
Not necessarily! You can work with ESL as well as native students through Projects. The aim of the shows is to provide social context to such matters .

When will GO PROJECT become available?
Soon! Do not miss the upcoming Live Event on our YouTube Channel on March 13th, 11am (GMT-3) to learn more about GO PROJECT as well as our other products.


How can I join in?
Super easy! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and register to take part in our wonderful raffles!