The Team

Theatre provides a rich platform for learners to continue developing all skills involved in language acquisition. That is why since 2002, On the Road Theatre Company has taken quality plays written by experienced playwright and teacher Ximena Faralla and performed by native and bilingual actors to schools and institutes in Buenos Aires.
Since 2012 Ximena partnered with Andrew Ian McKenna in the conducting of the company and they have been directing all shows together. This alliance has risen the standards in the overall result of the shows. On The Road ensures final products that serve as a multi-level stimulus for English students.

Ximena Faralla created On the Road Theatre Company in 2002 with the sole aim of taking the magic of theatre over to Schools as well as performing in different schools both in CABA and Buenos Aires.

Ximena has been working as a teacher of English ever since she was 18 years old. She gets her inspiration from her own students so it’s usually tested material that goes into the scripts.

As a former Kindergarten Coordinator and Debate teacher in Secondary school, Ximena works as well with the little ones as with elder students. This is why On the Road Theatre Company takes pride in producing both shows for young and elder learners, catering for their attention span, their needs, their likes and respecting them as the amazingly intelligent human beings they are.

British actor and director, Andrew Ian McKenna holds a degree in Communication Arts studies with Media and Performance. After being an actor in On the Road for over 10 years, Andrew is now directing the shows and coordinating the Cast at all schools as well as working side by side with Ximena in the production of all plays.

As of 2016, On the Road has the pleasure of including a third member in its Directing Board. British actress Lydia Stevens is now the Stage Manager. She will make sure staging our shows at your school is as stunning an experience as the one you had at our Previews last March 2016.

Andrew and Lydia are also part of our very talented cast together with Carmen Masllorens, Juan Manuel Barrera Hernandez, Matias Asenjo, Lucia Mache, Lucia Verdomar, Bruno Giraldi and Juan Pablo Schapira. They will visit your school together with Juan Pablo Bialous, Martin Recchia and Hernan Jofré as our solid crew of technicians, providing a unique experience of perfect English, wonderful staging and fabulous stage plays.