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A dynamic 45 minute action based show for students aged 9 to 17 which aims at shedding light on both parties involved in Bullying and arise awareness about the accuracy of Social Media.

Run: 45 minutes long
Age: 9 to 18+

Lois, Peter and Bruce attend the same school. The boys are classmates and friends. But something triggers a change in their relationship and Peter is persistently bullied by Bruce. Unable to face his bully, Peter finds solace imagining he gets out of these situations by becoming a different superhero each time and then retelling each epic event in front of a camera under his pseudonym, SuperMe. His online account is his diary and a way to let off steam… but not quite truthful. At the same time, Lois is going through the same and channels it by writing about it. But what is Bruce going through?

Available at your School or Institute of English PLUS selected dates at different theatres around CABA and GBA.